How We Work

We’re a career accelerator. WE3 Academy is where education meets a real-world professional network. We are striving to allow students to be hired right after they graduate and form a community of developers, mentors and students.

Learn To Code at WE3 Academy

Our Process

Learn Practical Skills

Learn Practical Skills

We integrate real-world projects into our courses and teach the current trends in the industry, so you’ll have actual projects to showcase once you graduate.

Be A Part Of The Network

Be A Part Of The Network

You’ll begin expanding your professional network throughout and after your course. We’ll help you spend time at the right meetups and events where your future colleagues already hang out.

Master The Interview

Master The Interview

Interviewing takes practice and too often candidates don’t prepare. At the end of each course, there is a career services week that will test your knowledge and your approach to problem solving.

Get Hired

Get Hired

Once you graduate you’ll be ready for the job hunt, and that’s when your Career Coach will help you out. We offer 6 months of career services after you graduate from our courses.

What sets us apart?

Practical hands-on approach to learning

We believe in learning by doing. Our courses are structured to be 80% practical and 20% theoretical core concepts. We don’t conduct exams, the coursework is graded only on projects and presentations.

Taught by developers & Guided by mentors

Our team of instructors and teaching assistants are themselves developers who have had practical experience in the industry. We call mentors periodically to give seminars or talks about various different topics.

Real-world Projects

Our projects are based on real-world scenarios. We intend that a student will end up with at least 3 major projects and countless smaller ones on their github profile at the end of the course.

Community & Support

We’ve built a community of developers and mentors so you’ll always have constant support, even after you graduate. You’ll get to meet like-minded developers in the course and many mentors who can become a part of your network.

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